When using this facility, please observe the following rules and manners.

Camp Rules & Manners


-Bonfires on the ground

-Leaving bonfires or charcoal unattended

-No vehicles allowed on the campsite.

(Motorcycles are allowed only at the motorcycle sites.)

-Conversation and strong lighting during quiet hours at night

-Playing with fireworks.

-Flying drones.

-Washing clothes in the sink

-Pouring waste oil, food scraps, garbage, etc. into the sink.

-Smoking in areas other than designated areas

-Dumping garbage on the premises or at nearby facilities

-Actions that violate public order and morals, laws and ordinances, and similar acts.

-Other acts designated by the manager.



・OKUKUJI BASE CAMP is a campground where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature.
 Please camp not only during quiet hours, but always with care so as not to disturb other users with loud voices, noise, etc.

・This campground is a free site area.
Please be considerate of each other.
Do not enter other users’ sites or cross other users’ sites.

・When conducting activities at the campground, please do so with care so as not to disturb other users.

・Please strictly adhere to the separate collection of garbage.

・Please dispose of ashes in the ash dump. Do not dispose of or bury the ashes anywhere other than the ash dump site.

・For wildlife control, please stow food and odorous items securely whenever you leave the site.
Also, please be sure to put your garbage in the collection box.

・To prevent infectious diseases, please be considerate of each other and maintain a social distance when using the campsites.
Wearing masks on site is optional.

・Please restore the camp site to its original condition after use.


Use of the Center House

【How to use】

・The center house is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

・If you wish to use the workspace, showers, etc. at the Center House, please be sure to apply for use and complete the check-in procedures.

・Please take care of your valuables by yourself.

・Please use the workspace quietly.
Please do not conduct loud conversations, meetings, online conferences, etc.

・Eating and drinking are allowed in the workspace, but please be considerate not to disturb other users.

・Do not occupy a workspace with only your luggage for an extended period of time.

・Shower booths are open from 10:00 to 17:00.
 The center house will be locked at 18:00. Even those who use the center for overnight stays are only allowed to use it until 18:00.

・Please pay the bill each time you use the café and store.
You cannot check out at the same time.

・Cash, credit cards, and electronic money are accepted at the Center House.
(Please check with the cashier for details.)



Rules & Manners when using the sauna

Please observe the following rules & manners when using the sauna.



・Those who have been prohibited from using the sauna by a physician or those who have health concerns should refrain from using the sauna.

・Please do not use the sauna if you have a strong sense of fatigue or exhaustion. Please do not use the sauna under the influence of alcohol.



・For a group of more than 4 people

・Bringing food and beverages into the sauna
(Please leave bottled drinks, etc. for hydration outside the sauna.)

・Bringing in combustible materials (newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, etc.), fire, cell phones, etc.

・Smoking and drinking in the sauna and surrounding facilities

・Use by minors only

・Dumping of garbage

・Acts that violate public order and morals, laws and regulations, and similar acts



・Before entering the sauna, please wipe off any moisture from your body.

・Please keep towels, soaps and other bathing utensils in the luggage rack in the bathroom.

・If you enter the sauna while wearing glasses, contacts, or precious metals (earrings, necklaces, etc.), they may deform due to heat or cause burns.

・If you feel uncomfortable in the sauna room, please stop using the sauna room and notify the management building staff.

・When using the water bath or rest area during sauna use, please rinse the sweat from your body with water and use it in a clean condition.

・For those who use the bathtub/sauna for long periods of time, drink water frequently and take breaks to avoid becoming oversensitive.

・Minors are not permitted to use the product alone.

・Persons with tattoos are not allowed to use the sauna.

We appreciate your cooperation so that many people can use the sauna in a comfortable and hygienic manner.